Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my friends

From standard 6, I prefer to study at SMK Danau Kota. But when I study until secondary 3, my mother wanted me to change school from SMK Danau Kota to SMK Taman Melawati. Two reason, the first reason is because this school is near from my house and is also convenient to go to school everyday. The second reason is because this school start morning class when secondary 3 .Although I reject to change school , but my mum reluctant me to change school. So , I have no choice. The reason that I don't want to change school is because I have many friends in SMK Danau Kota, if I change school, I will be very lonely is because I have no friend at all. Below is the friend list....

1.Lawrence Lee
2.Wong Chew Mun
3.Chong Han Xien
4.Chong Yee Ying
5.Yeong Rui Zhen
6.Lim Jay Ming
7.Teow Kee Zhuan
8.Foong Wai Loong
9.Tan Kim Hoong
10.Yap Jia Hui
11.Chin Qi-Wynn
12.Lim Keng Shawn
13.Lim Hsin Jie
14.Ng Jia Cheng
15.Yap Wai Chow............and more

I will never forget you all if I really change. But I have some notice for LAWRENCE LEE, WONG CHEW MUN, CHONG HAN XIEN and YEONG RUI ZHEN....If I really never change school, four of you must treat back me a meal, because I maybe never change school... HAHA. Wish you all good luck.^^